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Webinar: Blueprint for omnichannel integration architecture

Eric D. Schabell, November 18, 2019

Are you interested in the insights to how organizations are implementing the foundational integration building blocks that lead to successful communication with their customers? This story is about how an omnichannel customer experience makes customer engagement across all channels efficient. Continue reading.



Getting started with the Red Hat Data Grid Operator

Jeff Beck, November 8, 2019

Modern application environments are complex and getting even more complex every day.It can be challenging and time-consuming for operations and development teams to be experts in all of the different technologies in order to install, configure, and maintain them. Kubernetes operators help streamline the installation, configuration, and maintenance complexity. Continue reading.




DecisionCamp 2019, Decision Manager, AI, and the future

Edson TirelliOctober 14, 2019

Following the tradition from previous years, this is a conference focused on Decision Management and related topics, with an emphasis on practitioners, vendors and users of the technology. In other words, a 3-day conference that packs a lot of content, mostly technical and strategic. Read Edson Tirelli’s take here. Continue reading.



Business rules re-imagined

Phil Simpson, October 8, 2019

Decision making is a key component of today’s business applications. Complex business applications must be able to make decisions following the same rules a human would follow when making those same decisions. Learn about the impact of cloud, AI/ML and RPA and on decision management. Continue reading.




Robotic Process Automation and cloud technology – challenges and opportunities

Phil Simpson, August 5, 2019

RPA holds incredible promise for organizations looking to drive greater efficiency and cost savings; however, the industry must overcome several crucial challenges before it can truly live up to its potential. This article unpacks those challenges and explores the opportunities ahead. Continue reading.