Hackathon Winners Announced: ReBoot Customer Experience with Open Source

Back in September we launched the Red Hat EMEA Hackathon inviting developers to “ReBoot Customer Experience with Open Source.” We did this as part of a drive to encourage greater developer adoption. 

Hundreds of developers from around the world participated, some as individuals with others as part of a team, helping to create some fantastic app ideas. The submissions were reviewed by an experienced panel of six judges – whom I should thank for all their hard work and words of wisdom.

Thank you!

The hackathon judges

  • Gert Jan van Halem, Chief Technology Officer at Devoteam
  • Markus Eisele, Developer Adoption Program Lead, Red Hat Germany
  • Markus Heimbach, Director of Engineering at Dynatrace
  • Jose Quaresma, DevOps practice Leader at Accenture
  • Antonio Valle Gutierrez, Global Head of BPM & BRMS Architecture, BBVA

You can find out more about our judges here.

In mid-December we announced the winners, and in reverse order here they are:

In third place…

In third place was Victor CX, an auditory CUI for visually impaired or differently-abled users for building inclusive interfaces that access and manage an organization’s technology products and online services, which was developed by an individual contributor, Allister Beharry, who walks away with a cash prize of €3000.

In second place…

In second place and winner of a €5000 cash prize was rhv2prometheus, an app which can build metrics from the ovirt-engine api from RHV and present them as prometheus format, then can be scraped from an openshift prometheus to integrate fully infrastructure monitoring, which was created in Spain by Xana Da Silva Mori, Michael Ramirez, Mario Parra de Miguel and Victor Parraga.

And the winner is…

In first place was the ACE: Airline Customer Experience, a system developed to take the pain and waiting time out of app development at airlines where it can take up to nine months to make changes to systems that impact customer experience, often because they are monolithic mainframe applications. Phil Ogilvie, Andre McGuire, RH Carboleo, Mizanur Rahman, Daniel Weatherhead, will have free flights, accommodation and attendance at Red Hat Summit 2020 in San Francisco, in addition to sharing the top prize of €10,000.

You can find out more about all the winners and submissions here. In addition to all the participants and judges, I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Red Hat who made the competition possible. As a campaign to raise awareness and drive up developer adoption, the Hackathon was a great success that really helped shine a light on the agility that open source technology enables for creative and innovative developers.

Oxford Dictionaries API competition 2017: help the world work, play, and communicate

Oxford Dictionaries runs a global API competition, and Red Hat and the 3scale team are more than happy to support this initiative. Find more about the competition here.

Oxford Dictionaries powers a huge range of technologies, apps, and digital services. Their world-renowned dictionary data powers search engines, provides definitions in e-readers, and makes predictive text and language-learning software possible. On top of their rich language data, which is integrated with cutting-edge technology, they provide an outstanding API. Oxford Dictionaries uses that to work with partners across the globe to create some of the most flexible and reliable platforms and services in the world.

Here is what the folks from Oxford Dictionaries have to say about their competition:

At Oxford Dictionaries, we love language, and we want the world to communicate more easily. So, to celebrate language, communication, and the launch of our API, we’re holding the Oxford Dictionaries API competition. To enter, simply create an app that uses one or more of the languages in the Oxford Dictionaries API. It doesn’t matter if your app is an existing application that has recently integrated Oxford Dictionaries data or a brand new app; already published in an app store or never-before publicized. You can enter as an individual or as a team. We want to see what you can create!

The winner and four runners-up will be showcased on our site and receive PRO subscriptions to our API and a collector’s mug, and we will send all entrants a collector’s T-shirt. You can find out more about the competition and how to enter here.

APIs Are The New Language of Collaboration

“Survival of the fit,” in Darwinian evolutionary theory, describes the mechanism of natural selection. The biological concept of fitness is defined as reproductive success. But could this also apply to modern business? Sustained growth might be the criterion for fitness in a business context. So why is sustained growth so difficult to achieve? Surprisingly, it is not for the lack of ideas but lack of ability to adapt to change and competition.

The fittest business can quickly innovate and adapt to competition and it can use its core competencies to extend itself in new ways. These organizations are often lean, mean, and learning machines using application programming interfaces (APIs). They are built on a foundation of cloud, mobile, big data analytics and social computing and they are generally connected to the internet of things, to extend and monetize the organization’s core assets for growth and  new value and revenue streams.

Even organizations born in different eras of digital transformation (mobile, internet-based, and client/server) that are successfully using APIs to achieve disruptive growth in their respective industries.

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