Reactive microservices: clustering, messaging, or service mesh — a comparison

Thank you to Dr. Clement Escoffier, Vert.x Core Engineer, Red Hat, for review and diagrams.

In the day and age of Kubernetes and microservices, traditional implementations of clustered services need to be reevaluated, and Vert.x Clustering is no exception. Kubernetes and Vert.x microservices provide functionality that overlaps Vert.x Clustering, but do not replace it entirely. This article will compare the approaches and offer pragmatic pros and cons for each.

Vert.x Clustering

With Vert.x Clustering, Vert.x can be run as a set of clustered instances that provide capabilities for high availability, distributed data, and a distributed Vert.x Event Bus. These are capabilities that are needed for deploying Verticles across multiple Vert.x instances and to have them perform in unison.

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