Getting Started with the Red Hat Data Grid Operator

Modern application environments are complex and getting even more complex every day. The environments need to support multiple deployment infrastructures, application architectures, programming languages, and frameworks. 

It can be challenging and time-consuming for operations and development teams to be experts in all of the different technologies in order to install, configure, and maintain them. Kubernetes operators help streamline the installation, configuration, and maintenance complexity.

Red Hat® Data Grid is an in-memory, distributed, NoSQL datastore solution that enables applications to access, process, and analyze data at in-memory speed to deliver a superior user experience.

Red Hat Data Grid, based on the Infinispan community project, delivers the following capabilities:

  • Schemaless data structure: Store different objects as key-value pairs.
  • Grid-based data storage: Distribute and replicate data across clusters.
  • Elastic scaling: Dynamically adjust the number of nodes to meet demand without service disruption.
  • Data interoperability: Store, retrieve, and query data in the grid from different endpoints.
  • High availability: Improved access to data.

The Red Hat Operator provides operational intelligence to simplify deploying Infinispan on Kubernetes clusters. The operator provides the following features:

  • HTTP endpoint at 8080
  • HotRod endpoint at 11222
  • Kubernetes secret w/ default user
  • Custom resource for data grid cluster instance (default – 0.5 CPUs, 512MiB of memory)
  • Supports custom configuration for different use cases



If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the following resources:


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