The Business Value of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform – latest white paper by IDC

The latest edition of the white paper titled “The Business Value of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform,” which summarizes the benefits and value that Red Hat customers are seeing by moving to JBoss EAP, has been released.

As the paper states, “IDC interviewed organizations that are using JBoss EAP to develop and run various business applications. These study participants explained that they not only have significantly reduced platform costs with JBoss EAP but also are supporting important organizational IT initiatives such as containerization, microservices, and hybrid cloud use.” The interviewed participants varied in size from medium to large organizations and belonged to a set of diverse vertical industries.

Some of the results from this study are:

  • 481% 3-year ROI
  • 8-month payback period
  • $50K USD average annual benefits per 100 users
  • 43% more number of new application released per year
  • 21% faster time to deliver new applications
  • 38% more number of new features released per year
  • 74% less productive hours lost due to unplanned downtime per year

The report also captured customers quotes in the following areas:

  • Cloud & containers support. “JBoss EAP definitely plays a part in our decision-making process about our cloud platform because of the platform-agnostic nature, and it provides us with support to move to a containerized solution and is supported by most public cloud solutions.”
  • Speed of development.We’re not avoiding hires with JBoss EAP — we’re just able to speed up new projects.”
  • Better teamwork. “I can say that our DevOps team now works in a more collaborative way with JBoss EAP. They work together to find the best solution, which helps us find the best way to design applications so that they are released faster. Before, it was just ping-ponging from operations to development to find solutions.”
  • Elimination of outages. “We had a quarterly critical patch update from our previous vendor. And now, with JBoss EAP, there are no planned outages because we can do it seamlessly in real time. Those planned outages were three hours, and it amounted to complete downtime when we did them.”

Other benefits that customers cited of using JBoss EAP include:

  • JBoss EAP helps customers reduce platform costs.
  • JBoss EAP supports important organizational IT initiatives such as containerization, microservices, and hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Customers increase the efficacy and value of their application development efforts resulting in more robust, efficient, and functional applications.
  • Organizations that also identify container platforms as a technology that enables developer self-service and a shift to a cloud architecture specifically choose JBoss EAP because of its compatibility with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

For more information on Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform:

  • The Developer’s page, with HelloWorld examples, code downloads, and knowledgebase information
  • Migration tools to help with migrations from other Java EE application server to JBoss EAP

If you would like to get your organization up to speed on modern application development, we have the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs.  For more information go to:

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