Five Links: A Big Cup of Joe Edition

Happy Friday, everyone.

This week started off great with a bout on Monday with a lot of people talking about AI and virtual reality (links picked at random). I’m not saying I started a trend, I am simply observing a certain zeitgeist. This is week, I’ve been looking at more familiar worlds: Java, Java EE, and app development. This is the heart of what we do in middleware.


Image credit: Headline Shirts. Also, the shirt is on sale now.

Does this Java EE application platform make my app look fat? (This blog)

It may be a little self-serving to promote a post on this blog, but the title alone is worth clicking for. Rich Naszcyniec is the author of most of the competitive reviews about middleware at Red Hat, so it is literally his job to pick apart different application platforms and tools and figure out how effective they are in different environments. In this post, he makes the case for Java EE platforms by pointing out how those platforms are evolving for cloud and container deployments, for lean development and agile lifecycles. Definitely worth reading in full.


Getting to know Java EE 7 better (DZone / Red Hat reference card)

This is a really nice, accessible tech reference looking at the components in the Java EE 7 spec more closely. (It was written, in part, by my colleague Lincoln Baxter from The Developers Blog.) Although a technical piece, the descriptions of the components are simple and easy to understand and give a better insight into the ways to use a Java EE platform for app development.


The future of Java, maybe, pt. 1: MicroProfile (Google slidedeck)

The initial MicroProfile announcement back in June was the most-read post on this blog, and the full 1.0 version was announced in September. The roadmap is in a Google slide deck, which gives a much more comprehensive look at both the components being evaluated and the reasoning behind the project. And, there is an active and growing community forum on Google Groups.


The future of Java maybe, pt. 2: Java 9 features (Takipi blog, via LinkedIn)

This is kind of like the DZone ref, in that it looks into the top (potential) features for Java 9. What’s interesting is that the original post is from summer 2015, before the speculation about Oracle cutting Java EE development funding in July — or the well-received announcement that work was underway for Java EE 8 at JavaOne in September. Shortly after that JavaOne announcement, this rundown of Java 9 features was posted to LinkedIn.


Architecture First (Mark Little Blog)

Whether it’s on his personal blog or a more formal venue like the Developers Blog, Mark Little is always worth reading. This post touches on microservices and the importance of architecture to development. This reflects his overall measured approach to software design. The money quote: “A good architect (software or not) knows when to use and when not to use things.” This also put me in mind of a whitepaper I saw on LinkedIn which I have downloaded, but not yet read, Architecture versus Design by Graham Berrisford. The comments got into a spirited discussion on what “architecture” even means and what the requirements are. Defining those first principles and explicit goals are critical with any undertaking, and it’s interesting to see the different perspectives.

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