Five Links: We Are All Connected Edition

Happy Friday, everyone.

This has been a cool week on the web, and I noticed a trend in the things I was clicking. I saw a lot of articles and images that show relationships — mainly with the Internet of Things (relationships between devices, software, and people), but a couple of interesting ones on group dynamics.


Why Group Brainstorming Doesn’t Work (Trello blog)

This deserves the top spot because of how counterintuitive it is, but the post makes some excellent points about how to get group ideas more effectively. Along with pointing out a lot of the pitfalls of group brainstorming sessions, it also has advice on how to be more effective in eliciting the best ideas from a group — including creating time for independent brainstorming, providing better structure to the process, and having a final decision.

Interactive Map of Internet of Things Companies (The Pointy Haired Manager blog, via IoT LinkedIn group)

This is just an amazing Google map, and even more interesting because it is a passion project by creator Bernie Jansen. The map itself notes the type of IoT company (e.g., device or software vendor, services companies, standards organizations). It’s fascinating to see how many different groups and types of companies are involved with the Internet of Things technologies.

Gartner’s Hype Cycle, 2016

According to Gartner’s press announcement, the purpose of the Hype Cycle is to highlight emerging technologies to allow CIOs and CTOs to evaluate their strategies and find areas to experiment with digital transformation. IoT is on that at the tip-top of the first peak, showing that it’s still in the “innovation” phase and almost to “inflated expectations.”

How Startups Are Influencing IoT (IoT Expo presentation)

Startup business have been tended to be the first to adopt emerging technologies and the fastest to mature and innovate within them — like Uber and mobile applications or Netflix and microservices. This is the summary of an upcoming presentation that looks at how startups could use IoT for services and new products and what existing organizations can learn.

There is a bonus free registration link here; if, like me, you can’t attend the presentation in Santa Clara, you can still register and access the presentation recording and materials afterward.

Considerations When Planning IoT Investment (Red Hat blog)

Especially with emerging technologies, it’s easy (for me, at least) to get lost in esoteric concepts and lose the picture of what a certain technology means In Real Life. This blog post looks at some practical steps to evaluate what your data needs are, what you actually want to accomplish with an IoT solution, and how you can involve both IT and business stakeholders in the process, continually.

BONUS: IoT, Conservation, and Consumer Applications (Red Hat customer case study)

This was called out on the Red Hat blog’s Friday Five a few weeks ago, but it’s worth another look. I love this as a case study because of how the manufacturer, Systemlink, was looking at ways to benefit multiple groups — conserving water, reducing energy, and saving money for customers. And it’s such a simple and elegant solution (a mobile app).

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