Summit Preview: Middleware Highlights

The clock is ticking down to Red Hat Summit and DevNation, next week in San Francisco. (If you haven’t registered yet, you still can.)

For those of you new to Red Hat or this blog, Red Hat Summit is our big technical conference, focusing on open source technologies in cloud computing, middleware, development, Internet of Things, data, and (of course) Linux. The Summit is a broader appeal, for both technical and less technical users, like analysts, architects, and executives. DevNation is heavily focused on technical topics for developers, and it includes hands-on labs and demos of both current products and open source projects.

Obviously, there is no substitute for actually attending, but keep an eye on as well as Youtube, Vimeo, and Slideshare — many popular sessions will be posted after Summit.

There are over 200 sessions at Red Hat Summit / DevNation, so I’m going to try to tackle them all. These are the top middleware-related sessions, and most of them are ones I am going to try to hit next week, myself.

The Top 15 Red Hat Summit Middleware Sessions

A Set of DevNation Middleware Sessions

These definitely dig deeper into the technology, but these are some very cool sessions on the developer side which show the direction that a lot of the technology — and the culture around IT and development — are moving.

Other Highlights

Other Red Hatters are creating session highlights, as well, so there are a lot of potential areas of interest. These are some of the highlights I’ve seen:

And the complete session list, which can be sorted by track, is available on the Summit website.

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