Red Hat announces availability of containerized middleware capabilities on OpenShift

A little more than two years ago, we announced Red Hat’s “xPaaS” initiative to provide Red Hat JBoss Middleware on OpenShift and introduce a new way of building and deploying enterprise applications. Our efforts in executing against that vision and roadmap have entailed a lot of work and have been very exciting.

One source of excitement in particular has been the increased presence of Docker containers in the enterprise landscape. Containers can offer developers faster and easier deployment due to their minimal footprint. In addition, emphasis on the immutability of containers can lead to reduced error complexity. With OpenShift and Red Hat JBoss Middleware, as well as Atomic Enterprise Platform, Red Hat has embraced containers in a big way.

I’m pleased to announce that, hot on the tail of OpenShift Enterprise 3.1, we’re rolling out three new Red Hat JBoss Middleware services on OpenShift based on Red Hat Fuse, JBoss BRMS, and JBoss Data Grid.

These services are delivered as Docker container images on OpenShift, making it easier for developers to extend and complement these services in a container-based, microservices architecture. The new services are:

  • Application integration service, based on Red Hat Fuse, helps connect applications, data, and application program interfaces (APIs) for efficient business processes and analytics.
  • Real-time decision service, based on JBoss BRMS, helps automate operational decisions with business rules for improved business agility.
  • Data grid service, based on JBoss Data Grid, is an in-memory, distributed, NoSQL data store that helps boost application performance and improve scalability and development flexibility.

We hope you’ll find the ease of development and operation using these services an improvement over the traditional practices of downloading, installing, configuring, developing, and then deploying. We look forward to your feedback and great new things to come!

Learn how you can get started with these services by visiting:

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